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Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Xbox 360 LT3.0

Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Xbox 360 LT3.0
200.00 руб.
Дата выхода: 2 декабря 2012 года
Жанр: Vertical Scrolling Shooter
Разработчик: CAVE
Издательство: CAVE
Регион: Region Free
Тип издания: Лицензия
Прошивка: [LT1.9][LT2][LT3][LTU][LTU2]
Язык: Jap
Перевод: Нет

Muchi Muchi Pork!
Muchi Muchi Pork! is a delight from start to finish. It is tremendously fun, in a way so pure and effortless that it does little but bring a smile to your face the more you play it. I feel no hesitation in proclaiming it to be Yagawa’s magnum opus, and a game equally accessible to newcomers and veterans alike, with diverse play modes including the tougher Manpuku and Harahara modes, along with a second loop only accessible by 1-life-ing the first loop. This is one of my favorite Cave games, and its upcoming Xbox 360 port will be a real treat.
Pink Sweets
Pink Sweets is a sure sign that Yagawa is back for reals, and the genre is all the better for it. His second Cave title is easily the best new shooter I've played all year, and the most original game produced by Cave since Espgaluda (2003).

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